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How the Affiliate Program Works


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With Tomato Bucket, you have the complete creative freedom to say or do whatever you want with your Free Review Samples. Drop us a link if you want us to share your content! 


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Join the Amazon affiliate program & make money every time your audience buys a Tomato Bucket product. Become a plant influencer today – risk free! 

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Tomato Bucket Amazon AFFILIATE Marketing

In Only 4 Easy Steps!!!

Step 1: Sign Up for Amazon Affiliate Program

Visit the Amazon Associates homepage to begin the sign-up process. You’ll need to provide account information, including details about your website or YouTube channel, and select a payment method. This process involves filling out forms about your content and how you plan to market Amazon products.

Step 2: Create Affiliate Marketing Link

Once your account is approved, log into your Amazon Associate account to create affiliate links. Use the SiteStripe feature visible on Amazon product pages to generate these links. You can choose text link or image link if you have a webite or blog.

Step 3: Share Affiliate Marketing Link

Access your YouTube video’s edit page to include the affiliate link in the video description. It’s essential to add a disclaimer about affiliate links to maintain transparency with your audience. This step not only adheres to best practices but also aligns with platform policies.

Step 4: Start Earning!!!

Above all else, making engaging and original content is the key to generating more views on your affiliate link. More views can lead to more clicks, which potentially increases the commissions you earn from purchases made through your link. Monitoring your account’s performance can help you understand your audience better and optimize future content.