Productive Self Watering Planter Pot System! Success Guaranteed!

Follow tutorials for guaranteed success! If it doesn't grow, you can request a refund (within 30 days of purchase).

What Happens If You Only Watered Once a Month?

Ask Your Local Garden Center to Stock Tomato Bucket for Free Local Pickup!

What Can You Grow?

  • Grow Weed (Cannabis)

  • Grow Herbs

  • Grow Cucumbers

  • Grow Tomatoes

  • Grow Strawberries

  • Grow Peppers

  • Grow Seed

  • Grow Zucchini

  • Grow Cilantro

  • Self-Watering Raised Bed

  • Small Garden

  • Patio Garden

  • Grow Vegetables

  • Grow Beans

  • Grow Bell Peppers

  • Root Plant

  • Grow Plants

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  • "I like growing tomatoes."

  • "I didn't know a seed could grow so much in just one month!"

  • "The cilantro grew a lot! And the peppers rooted in the water!"

  • "The first one worked! I bought another one at the Long Beach show."

  • "Before, I could only grow succulents. Now, I can grow basil!"

  • "The rain helped with my watering."

  • "Went on a 1 month vacation. Came back home to find all these tomatoes!"

  • "My Tomato Bucket is working out great. My pepper plant is loving it."

  • "These are literally the sweetest strawberries I've ever had!"

  • "Thanks for the tradeshow discount! Excited to try it out."

  • "My herbs grew a lot! I think my peppers need more light."