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Try a Tomato Bucket Today!

Try a Tomato Bucket Today!

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Materials Safety Data

Tomato Bucket

Food safe UV resistant white high-density polyethylene (HDPE 2), one of the most food-safe and UV-resistant plastics commonly used to make:

  • Milk bottles and reusable water bottles
  • Extremely durable food containers used in the food industry 
  • Plastic planter pots for growing food
  • Outdoor water storage tanks for drinking water
  • Most UV-resistant and food-safe plastic, according to ChatGPT, Google, Bing AI, and FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

Horticultural Rockwool Plug

Food safe UV resistant asbestos-free horticultural Rockwool made from basalt (volcanic rock) commonly used to make:

  • Horticultural growing cubes for growing hydroponic food commercially
  • Horticultural growing plugs for starting hydroponic seeds commercially
  • Widely accepted and used in both the commercial and also the hobbyist hydroponic community
  • Rockwool is not a plastic sponge (kitchen sponge), so please don't substitute Rockwool with a plastic sponge (which can be toxic)!
  • Rather, Rockwool is a stone sponge made out of basalt (volcanic rock) melted and then spun into fiber
  • Because Rockwool is basically a really puffy rock, it is chemically inert, UV-resistant, and safe for growing food according to ChatGPT, Google, Bing AI, and FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
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