Why Sell Tomato Bucket?

1. Incredible Margins

Tomato Bucket will be one of the highest-margin planters you will ever sell, guaranteed. Please message us for volume and pricing details.

2. No Money Down (Risk-Free)

Not sure if you'll get sales? No problem! We'll send you a Test Box consisting of 17 units, sold at near-wholesale prices, with no money down. See if your customers love the Tomato Bucket with nothing at risk.

3. Sales or Buyback

Tomato Bucket is highly stackable, taking up only 1 foot x 1 foot of floor space. However, if it doesn't sell, simply return the unsold units in the Test Box —shipping and all—free of charge.

4. Zero Competition

Since Tomato Bucket is protected by a utility patent, customers looking for more or referring their friends will have to come to you. We strategically space out our retailers to ensure a healthy trade area.

5. Video Guides for Every Season

We are creating high-quality growing guides on how to grow every possible herb and vegetable from start to finish, in every possible season, to ensure customer success and year-round relevance.

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