Calling All Gardening Influencers: Get Your Free Tomato Bucket Today!

Join the Revolution

Are you a gardening influncer? Do you run a local urban farm? Or are you simply someone who cares a great deal about the future?

Then don't hesitate to reach out for collab! We might not have the budget to send a free review copy to everyone on Earth. But sending us a collab request is free and takes only a minute!

3 Things We Look For

  1. Basic gardening knowledge
  2. A knack for communicating or teaching (preferably over the internet)
  3. Or the ability to learn (and fail a lot) to aquire the first two

3 Things We Expect

  1. Please actually open the free sample and use it! 
  2. Please try to share your honest thoughts (both good and bad) over the internet, such as in a video or blog!
  3. If you are too busy, we totally understand! In that case, please just take 30 seconds to send over some feedbacks in the contact form below. 

Affiliate Program

If have tried the Tomato Bucket before and would like to allocate more time toward promoting it, we'd love to make it worth your while! But only if you truly believe in the product!

There are a thousand things you can earn a commission on. And from our experience, it's the people who genuinely love the product that actually ended up selling them anyways!

3 Affiliate Program Rules

  1. We will always pay out the commission we owe you for previous sales
  2. However, we reserve the right to cancel your affiliate program at anytime
  3. We don't encourage or endorse using Tomato Bucket to grow or propogate illegal plants, or other clearly illegal activities

Let's Collab!!!