How to Completely Regrow Green Onions in 2 Weeks with Only 1 Watering

Step 1: Buy green onions from the grocery store and only harvest the outer leaves.


Step 2: Reuse the Soil Cup by fluffing up the dirt. Then, thoroughly rehydrate it.


Step 3: Plant the green onion stems tightly, maintaining a spacing of about 1 inch apart.


Step 4: If using your own bucket, drill a tiny drainage hole 1-inch above the handle. Note: Our buckets come predrilled for your convenience.

Step 5: Fill the 5-Gallon Bucket with water right up to the predrilled drainage hole.


Step 6: Place the green onions in an area with direct sunlight for fastest growth.


Step 7: Add some fertilizer to stimulate growth. 


Step 8: After two weeks, it's time for your first reharvest! To avoid flowering, continue harvesting your green onion every week or two.


Step 9: Water monthly from the top until water overflows from the bucket drainage hole. 

Quick Green Onion Growing Facts

Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Sunlight: Full to Partial
Days to Germination: 7-10 Days
Days to Harvest: 20-30 Days
Mature Spread: 1-2 Inches

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