How to Grow Cilantro in 1 Month with Only 1 Watering

Step 1: Fill the Soil Cup with potting soil.


Step 2: Dampen the soil.


Step 3: Mix cilantro seeds about an inch deep into the soil.


Step 4: If using your own bucket, drill a small drainage hole 1 inch above the handle. Note: Our buckets come predrilled for your convenience.

Step 5: Fill the 5-Gallon Bucket with water up to the drainage hole.


Step 6: Position the Soil Cup on top of the 5-Gallon Bucket in a shaded spot to prevent the seeds from drying out.


Step 7: After germination, move the Tomato Bucket to a cool location with bright indirect light to slow down bolting.


Step 8: A few weeks later, your cilantro should be ready for harvest! We recommend harvesting weekly to discourage bolting.


Step 9: (Optional) To ensure multiple harvests, add half a tablespoon of Osmocote fertilizer every few month.


Step 10: Water monthly until excess water flows out of the bucket's drainage hole.


Quick Cilantro Growing Facts

Season: Spring, Autumn
Sunlight: Full to Partial
Days to Germination: 7-10 Days
Days to Maturity: 50-55 Days
Mature Spread: 12-18 Inches

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