How to Grow Bell Pepper in 3 Month with Only 3 Watering

Step 1: If using your own bucket, drill a small drainage hole 1 inch above the handle. Note: Our buckets come pre-drilled for your convenience.


Step 2: Fill the 5-Gallon Bucket with water up to the pre-drilled drainage hole.


Step 3: Fill the Soil Cup with potting soil.


Step 4: Add half a capful of Osmocote fertilizer and thoroughly mix it into the soil.


Step 5: Optionally, add mycorrhizal fungi for enhanced growth.


Step 6: Plant the bell pepper.


Step 7: Place the Soil Cup on top of the water reservoir bucket.


Step 8: Water the Soil Cup from the top until the substrate is fully hydrated and excess water drains out from the drainage hole.


Work in Progress! To Be Continued...

Quick Bell Pepper Growing Facts

Season: Spring, Summer
Sunlight: Full Sun
Days to Germination: 7-14 Days
Days to Harvest: 60-90 Days
Mature Spread: 1-2 Feet

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