How to Assemble and Paint the Tomato Bucket Frame


Step 1: Print out the blueprint, carefully designed to utilize the most cost-effective wood from local home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe's.


Step 2: Take advantage of Home Depot's cutting service to have your wood pieces accurately cut to size.


Step 3: Optional - Use 60-grit sandpaper or detail sander to smooth the edges.


Step 4: Remove any barcode tags carefully using scissors or a pointed metal tool.


Step 5: Identify the marked and unmarked sides of the longer 6-inch wide wood board. Drawings will be made on the marked side to leave the unmarked side as a clean outer surface.


Step 6: Mark the width of the widest side of the 19.25-inch studs on the marked side of each of the six longer boards.


Step 7: Optional - Drill two evenly spaced pilot holes, no larger than 1/4 inch, on each side.


Step 8: Begin the assembly by screwing the top and bottom planks to each of the 19.25-inch studs, ensuring each side remains as square as possible.


Step 9: Complete the long side of the wall subassembly by screwing in the middle plank.


Step 10: On the marked side of the shorter 6-inch wide board, draw two lines: one representing the thickness of the 6-inch wood board by itself, and the other representing the thickness of the 6-inch board when attached to the 19.25-inch stud.


Step 11: Optional - drill a single, centered pilot hole on each side of the shorter 6-inch wide plank.


Step 12: Optional - If you plan to paint your Tomato Bucket Frame, please refer to the painting guide now.


Step 13: Attach the shorter 6-inch wide wood board to the wider wall subassembly.


Step 14: Position your Tomato Bucket Frame in your chosen location. Its unique design allows it to be set up virtually anywhere. 



Step 1: Protect your workspace from paint stains with a lining of cardboard or old newspaper.


Step 2: Get linseed oil or acrylic wood paint. 


Step 3: Apply an even coat of paint to the marked side of the side wall subassembly.


Step 4: Ensure a professional finish by wiping away any drips.


Step 5: Continue the process with the shorter 6-inch wide planks.


Step 6: Smooth out any drips to ensure a high-quality finish.


Step 7: Allow the painted parts to dry before turning them over.


Step 8: Repeat the painting process on the unmarked side of the side wall subassembly.


Step 9: Similarly, repeat the process for the unmarked side of the shorter 6-inch wide planks.


Step 10: Let the painted parts air out for several days. Then continue to step 13 of the assembly instructions.


Why Build a Tomato Bucket Frame?

Modern Aesthetic: Inject a minimalist, futuristic style into your garden with the Tomato Bucket Frame, which is reminiscent of a sleek, contemporary raised bed.
Efficient Storage: The design of the Tomato Bucket Frame allows for a substantial number of Tomato Buckets to be neatly housed, preventing any mess or clutter in your garden area.
Productive Gardening: With the Tomato Bucket neatly organized inside this frame, you can create a raised bed that yields double the growth rate with just one watering per month, revolutionizing the traditional gardening process.

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